Callaham Guitar Parts for Les Paul

Callaham Guitars' ABR-1 bridge is the best upgrade you can do to your Gibson guitar. Manufactured from cold rolled steel, the Callaham ABR-1 bridge eliminates the fuzzy, muddy bass response and brittle high end that is characteristic of stock and other after-market Gibson bridges. Steel maintains a full frequency response better than any other metal. Callaham ABR-1 bridges are nickel plated to mil specifications so that original specs and dimensions are maintained. Callaham's attention to quality means that the ABR-1 bridges are a direct drop-in replacement for any Gibson equipped with an ABR-1 bridge. The Nashville conversion studs allow the ABR-1 bridge to be installed on Gibson models built from the mid-70s onwards and equipped with a Nashville bridge.

Callaham also manufactures a Gibson stopbar tailpiece from the same cold rolled alloy steel. These tailpieces dramatically improve the tonal characteristics and frequency response of your guitar, and balance switching from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup.

Callaham Cold Rolled Steel CNC Machined Gibson Stopbar Tailpiece

Machined from the same alloy as the Callaham ABR-1 bridge, this nickel-plated steel tailpiece yields the additional definition and frequency response so many Gibson-styled guitars need. The tone change can best be described as being equivalent to going from a dead set of strings to a new set of strings. When this tailpiece is coupled with the Callaham steel ABR-1 bridge, your instrument starts to take on piano-like qualities. The notes are absolutely solid and the feel of the response is highly touch sensitive. Switching from the bridge pickup to the neck pickup is more balanced.



Callaham Vintage Studs and Thumbscrews

Stainless steel or gold-plated Callaham studs and thumbscrews for use with Callaham ABR-1 bridges

Stainless Steel $15.00
Gold-Plated $20.00