Wire, Cords & Switches for Amplifiers

Mogami 2330 Audio Low Noise Shielded Wire

Reduce unwanted noise in guitar amplifier and guitar control wiring with this premium shielded single conductor audio copper wire.
Sold in one foot increments. Please specify number of feet when ordering.



Old Style Spaghetti Insulation, 6" Piece

White fiberglass sleeving is varnished and closely resembles early style spaghetti. 20 AWG for insulating component leads.



A/C Power Cord

8 foot, 18 gauge, 3 conductor grounded a/c cable. Vintage style gray cable for Fender® tweed and other guitar amplifiers.


Currently Out of Stock

A/C Power Cord, 1/4" Diameter

6 foot, 18 gauge, 3 conductor grounded a/c cable. Smaller 1/4" diameter gray power cable for smaller amplifiers such as Fender® Tweed Champs or Gibson GA5. Cables are new, but were pre-installed.



Power Cord Clip, 1/4"

For use with smaller 1/4" diameter power cords.



Power Cord Clip, 3/8"

Power cord clip for larger 3/8" power cables.



Carling DPST Toggle Switch, Off-Standby-On

This switch is ideal for upgrading any tube amp that only has a power on/off switch, such as a Blues Jr, Pro Jr or Champ. Installing this three position switch gives you both standby and power in a single switch and will prolong the life of your tubes.