Pete Schmidt Guitar Straps

These are the highest quality, nicest looking guitar straps we've seen in a long time. Pete Schmidt has unwavering dedication to old world craftsmanship and quality. Each strap is hand made in Peru from three layers of the highest quality genuine leather by experienced leather artisans. Peru has a centuries old tradition of high quality leather workmanship, which is evident in every Pete Schmidt guitar strap. The straps are double stitched for added strength and durability.

Pete Schmidt Guitar Strap: Vintage Black - Black Stitch

This vintage leather guitar strap is well suited to the player looking for a combination of style and comfort. Manufactured by hand from triple layers of soft leather, this guitar strap is double-stitched for style and durability.

  • Width: 2-1/2" wide
  • Length: Adjustable from 40" to 54"



Pete Schmidt Guitar Strap Black with White Geo Circles - Black Stitch

This stylish guitar strap features 4 brilliant white leather circles in graduated sizes sandwiched between layers of soft black leather. The strap is double-needle stitched around the outer edges for durability.

  • Width: 2-5/8" wide
  • Length: Adjustable from 36" to 50"



Pete Schmidt Guitar/Bass Strap: Vintage Brown - Cream Stitch

Like the narrower Vintage Brown - Cream Stitch Pete Schmidt strap, this vintage brown leather guitar strap is made from three layers of buttery-soft brown leather with beautiful double-needle stitched cream stitching for subtle contrast. At 3" wide, this strap is ideal for players of Les Pauls, basses and other heavy guitars.

  • Width: 3" wide
  • Length: Adjustable from 36" to 50"