Capacitors for Amplifier Builds and Repair

Sozo Silver Mica Capacitor

Sozo's silver mica capacitors are custom-designed to have the electrical characteristics of the silver micas of the past.  The tone is clear, smooth and vocal with clean and linear top end.

Dimensions:  0.777 in. x 0.75 in. x 0.197 in.

500 pF, 1000V $9.25
250 pF, 1000V $8.50


Sozo NextGen Yellow Mustard Vintage Capacitor

SoZo’s new NexGen Vintage Mustard Capacitors are the latest and the most accurate Mullard/Phillips replacement available anywhere. These NexGen capacitors are derived after years of listening, testing, research and development and are Sozo's best and latest in the evolution of tube amp capacitors.
Handmade in the USA.
+ 10% tolerance

.1 uF, 500V $5.95
.047 uF, 500V $4.95
.033 uF, 500V $4.95
.022 uF, 500V $3.95
.01 uF, 500V $3.95
.0047uF, 500V $3.95
.0022 uF, 500V $3.95
.001 uF, 500V $3.95
.68 uF, 160V $8.95


SoZo NextGen Blue Molded Vintage Capacitor

Sozo's BlueMolded line of capacitors are retrofits for Astron or Blue Molded caps used in vintage tweed, brown, and blackface Fenders. These capacitors amazingly capture vintage Fender tones of the Blackface era, and the famous 1959 tweed 5F6-A Bassman era; which is so musical and good, Marshall modeled their amps after them!
Handmade in the USA.
+ 10% tolerance

.1uF, 500V $6.95
.047uF, 500V $5.95
.033uF, 400V $4.95
.022uF, 500V $4.95
.01uF, 400V $4.95


Cornell Dubilier WMF Film & Foil Capacitor

Cornell Dubilier WMF mylar film and foil capacitors are similar in construction to the Astrons and blue Ajax capacitors used in Fender®, Gibson® and other guitar amplifiers of the 50s and 60s. Fantastic vintage style tone with modern day reliability. An excellent choice for repairs, replacements and new amplifier builds, as well as vintage-style guitar tone circuits. Click for specifications.

.001uF, 630V $4.00
.01uF, 630V $4.50
.022 uF, 630V $5.40
.047uF, 630V $5.50
.1uF, 400V $4.50
.1uF, 630V $5.95
.22uF, 630V $6.50


Cornell Dubilier DMT Film & Foil Brown Drop, .1µF Capacitor

Radial lead, mylar film and thin foil brown drop capacitor. An excellent alternative for guitar amp phase inverter output, where a radial lead capacitor with a nod toward vintage Blackface aesthetics is desired. Click for specifications.

.1 µF, 400V $3.75
.1µF, 600V $4.95
.047µF, 600V $1.25
.022µF, 600V $1.25
.01µF, 600V $2.75


Mallory Series 150 Metalized Polyester Capacitor, 400V

400V, +10% tolerance


.1 uF
.047 uF
.022 uF
.01 uF
.001 uF
.0047 uF


Mallory Series 150 Metalized Polyester Capacitor, 630V

630V, +10% tolerance




Vishay Sprague Type PS Polyester Film Orange Drop Capacitor

600V, +10% tolerance

Originally designed for DC power supplies, purportedly used by Howard Dumble and Ken Fischer of Train Wreck Amplifiers as coupling capacitors back in the day.


.1 uF
.05 uF
.02 uF
.01 uF
.005 uF

Vishay Sprague Type 418P Mylar Film and Foil Capacitor

Vishay Sprague Type 418P Mylar Film and Foil Capacitor, .05 µF 600V

418P series mylar film and foil coupling capacitor. 600V +10%




Vishay Sprague 225P Mylar Film & Foil Orange Drop Capacitor

Mylar film and foil orange drop capacitor. Radial leads. Top choice for vintage-style tone in printed circuit board amps where space and size are considerations. May also be used in other guitar amplifiers and guitar tone control circuits. Click for specifications.

.001uF, 400V $2.75
.01uF, 400V $2.25
.022uF, 400V $2.50
.047uF, 400V $2.50
.1uF, 400V $2.95


Cornell Dubilier Silver Mica Capacitor

500V, +5% toleranceOperating temperature range -55C to +125C

1000pF $3.30
500 pF $3.25
250 pF $3.25
100pF $3.25
47pF $3.25


Vishay Sprague 715P Polypropylene Film & Foil Orange Drop Capacitor

400V, +5% tolerance

Polypropylene film and foil radial lead capacitor for vacuum tube audio applications. Preferred by many for a harder, more "modern" tone in guitar amplifiers and guitar tone circuits.


.022uF, 600V


Xicon EIA Class 2 Ceramic Disk Capacitor



  .022µF, 500V Currently Out of Stock
  .01µF, 500V Currently Out of Stock
  500pF, 500V Currently Out of Stock
250pF, 500V
  100pF, 500V Currently Out of Stock

Sprague Z5U 0.02uF 1kV Ceramic Disk Capacitor

Sprague Z5U 0.02µF 1kV Ceramic Disk

New old stock Sprague ceramic disk capacitor. .02µF, 1kV.



Mallory Cornell Dubilier TC Series Electrolytic Capacitor

Type TC electrolytic capacitor. Spec'd for high ripple current applications.
"I like to use Mallory TC series electrolytics myself. Be aware that different brands can alter the tone of an amp to a considerable extent." Ken Fischer, Trainwreck Amplifiers
Made in USA.

  30µF 450V TC77 $38.50 Currently Out of Stock
  20µF 450V TC75 $31.00 Currently Out of Stock
  10µF 450V TC72 $29.50 Currently Out of Stock
  8µF 450V TC71 $31.00 Currently Out of Stock


Tech-Cap Electrolytic Filter Capacitor

Smaller in size than Kendrick and Sprague Atom. Made in USA.
Limited quantities available.
500V, +/-20%

  10µF, 500V $10.00 Currently Out of Stock
22µF, 500V $10.00
33µF, 500V $8.00
47µF, 500V $14.00
80µF, 500V $8.00


Sprague Atom Electrolytic Capacitor

  8µF 450V $4.95 Currently Out of Stock
10µF 500V $9.95
15µF 350V $9.95
  16µF 475V $10.75 Currently Out of Stock
25µF 50V $2.35
25µF 150V $4.25
40µF 500V $12.95
50µF 150V $4.50
250µF 25V $3.00
50µF 150V $2.50
250µF 50V $4.00


Kendrick Electrolytic Filter Capacitor

New from Kendrick Amplifiers. Similar in size to Sprague Atom.

100uF, 500V $9.75
100uF, 100V $5.80
40uF, 500V $9.25
20uF, 500V $6.85
10uF, 500V $4.00
10uF, 160V $2.50
25uF, 25V $1.75


Nichicon Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor


10uF, 25V
10uF, 100V
  22uF, 50V Currently Out of Stock


Ceramic Disk Capacitor, Picofarad Values


47pF, 1000V
250pF, 500V
500pF, 1000V


Old Style Spaghetti Insulation, 6" Piece

White fiberglass sleeving is varnished and closely resembles early style spaghetti. 20 AWG for insulating component leads.



Soldering Heat Sink

Clip to component lead while soldering to avoid heat damage to the component.