CDE WMF Film & Foil Capacitor

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    Cornell Dubilier WMF Film & Foil Capacitor

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    Cornell Dubilier WMF mylar film and foil capacitors are similar in construction to the Astrons and blue Ajax capacitors used in Fender®, Gibson® and other guitar amplifiers of the 50s and 60s. Fantastic vintage style tone with modern day reliability. An excellent choice for repairs, replacements and new amplifier builds, as well as vintage-style guitar tone circuits.

    ConstructionFilm & Foil Construction
    Voltage Rating630V DC
    Tolerance+/- 10%
    LeadsAxial, tinned copper clad steel
    Temperature Range-55°C to 125°C
    Dimensions.22µF: 1.625"L x .722"D
    .1µF: 1.375"L x .58"D
    .1µF, 400V: 1.062"L x .49"D
    .047µF: 1.0"L x .430"D
    .022µF: .937"L x .335"D
    .01µF: .812"L x .29"D
    .001µF: .812"L x .195"D