New Products at Specialty Guitars

Lightning Guitars Aluminum Stopbar Tailpiece

Lightning Guitars has reimagined the classic stopbar fitted with Tune-O-Matic type bridges and solved the compromises that are inevitable with original stopbars.

Mounting the stopbar close to the body of the guitar to improve sustain and intonation creates a harsh string angle and applies excess pressure to the bridge, making string breakage at the saddles more likely. Some players attempt to solve this issue by "top wrapping" the strings, passing them backwards through the holes and over the top of the bar to the bridge. This decreases the break angle and allows the bar to be lowered to the body. However, it also results in damage to the top of the stop bar, and the exposed ends of the strings can be uncomfortable. The Lightning Stop Bar offers all the benefits of top wrapping without the downsides.



Vintage Style Parchment Single Ply Pickguard for Telecaster®

Premium quality traditional style pickguard, as used in the mid - late 50's. These pickguards are a gorgeous creamy parchment.
Five screw holes.
Screws sold in Hardware
Made in USA by WD Music.



Music City Bridge Locking Studs

Designed to work with virtually any wraparound bridge or stop tailpiece.

MCB Locking Studs pair perfectly with their Savvy or Stud Finder bridges, and will also work with virtually any wraparound bridge or stop tailpiece.

These locking studs feature a separate top and bottom section that allow you to fasten the studs tightly to your bridge, which can improve action, remove tipping, and eliminate sitarring.

The totally unique design of these studs preserves the look of traditional studs but allows for a perfect fit with your bridge. The lower section of the stud is recessed to receive the barrel of the upper stud, creating a seal between the two pieces.

The MCB Locking Studs include two adjustment tools to make it easy to change action and tighten the locking section.

If you need metric studs we offer TonePros Locking Studs with metric threads.

Polished Nickel $30.00
Aged Nickel $35.00


Callaham Enhanced Vintage Compensated Bridge Saddles for Tele®, Brass with Stainless E&A

Machined from billet stock, these Callaham Enhanced Vintage saddles maintain the vintage look while eliminating the problem of the string moving on the saddle and altering string spacing. Just like Callaham's original saddles these enhanced bridge saddles will give perfect intonation. All Callaham saddles are hand polished and buffed to insure they are free of burrs that can cut strings. Allen wrench included.