Callaham Heavy Steel Tremolo Blocks

High Sustain Tremolo BlockMade to Pre-CBS original specifications by Callaham Guitars, these tremolo blocks are precision-made in the United States and are exact replicas of the tremolo blocks used in the original 50's Stratocasters®. Just like the 50's Strat® trem blocks, these blocks are made from heavy, cold rolled steel and weigh a full 10oz (280g), Tremolo Block Interiorproducing incredible sustain, note clarity and response. The string ball ends seat just inside the trem block, as opposed to seating halfway up, which also increases sustain and tone transfer while minimizing the risk of a broken string becoming lodged in the block.

In trying to replicate the sound of the original 50's Strats®, many players focus on the guitar's pickups. While the pickups are extremely important to the guitar's sound, without a vintage spec trem block, your guitar will never achieve that same clear bell-like sustain and response.

Leo Fender designed the strings to pass through an accurately machined steel inertia block. This is one of the main factors that gives all original pre-CBS Strats® fitted with tremolo their clear, bell-like sustain. But, unique features of its original design have been compromised to keep production costs down. Callaham steel blocks are the most accurately machined blocks to original specs available.

Factory Stock Trem BlockThe Mexi Standard player is in for a very pleasant surprise as well. Replacing the thin 5oz factory stock zinc alloy trem block (shown at left) with one of these vintage spec Mexi trem blocks will have an incredible impact on your guitar's tone and sustain.

As a matter of fact, switching to one of these trem blocks, and installing a new set of pickups, and a set of Sperzel 6 In Line tuners will make your Mexi standard a guitar that can stand shoulder to shoulder with almost any Stratocaster® out there.