Capacitors, Wire & Jacks

Cornell Dubilier WMF Film & Foil Capacitor

Cornell Dubilier WMF mylar film and foil capacitors are similar in construction to the Astrons and blue Ajax capacitors used in Fender®, Gibson® and other guitar amplifiers of the 50s and 60s. Fantastic vintage style tone with modern day reliability. An excellent choice for repairs, replacements and new amplifier builds, as well as vintage-style guitar tone circuits. Click for specifications.

.001uF, 630V $4.00
.01uF, 630V $4.50
.022 uF, 630V $5.40
.047uF, 400V $5.50
.1uF, 400V $4.50
.1uF, 630V $5.95
.22uF, 630V $6.50


Vishay Sprague 225P Mylar Film & Foil Orange Drop Capacitor

Mylar film and foil orange drop capacitor. Radial leads. Top choice for vintage-style tone in printed circuit board amps where space and size are considerations. May also be used in other guitar amplifiers and guitar tone control circuits. Click for specifications.

.001uF, 400V $2.75
.01uF, 400V $2.25
.022uF, 400V $2.50
.047uF, 400V $2.50
.1uF, 400V $2.95


Vitamin Q Black Candy Capacitor

630V paper and oil capacitors. "Chiclet" shape takes up less space in guitar control cavity.


.047 uF


Tone Factory Vitamin Q Oil & Paper Capacitors

New manufacture Tone Factory Vitamin Q non-inductive oil & paper caps for electric guitar.


.1 uF 630V
.047 uF 630V
  .022 uF 630V Currently Out of Stock


Vishay Sprague 715P Polypropylene Film & Foil Orange Drop Capacitor

400V, +5% tolerance

Polypropylene film and foil radial lead capacitor for vacuum tube audio applications. Preferred by many for a harder, more "modern" tone in guitar amplifiers and guitar tone circuits.


.022uF, 600V


Vishay Sprague 6PS Polyester Film Orange Drop Capacitor

600V, +10% tolerance

Originally designed for DC power supplies, purportedly used by Howard Dumble and Ken Fischer of Train Wreck Amplifiers as coupling capacitors back in the day.


.1 uF
.05 uF
.02 uF
.01 uF
.005 uF


NOS Mallory CDE PVC615 / PVC611 / PVC411 Orange Drop Capacitor

Ever elusive, the PVC 411 and PVC615 polyester film and foil orange drop capacitors are considered by many to be more "musical" sounding than the more common Orange Drop 715P and 716P capacitors available today and are becoming more and more difficult to find. Unlike many of the other currently available Orange Drops, the PVC411 and PVC615 were originally designed for coupling and bypass. Fantastic tone. While they last.

.01uF PVC411, 400V $2.20
  .01uF PVC611, 600V $2.20 Currently Out of Stock
.05uF PVC615, 600V $3.00


Mallory Series 150 Metalized Polyester Capacitor

400V, +10% tolerance


.1 uF
.047 uF
.022 uF
.01 uF
.001 uF
.0047 uF


Ceramic Disk Capacitors

+10% tolerance


0.1 uF, 100V
0.047 uF, 100V
0.022 uF, 100V
0.001 uF, 2000V


Treble Bleed Capacitor

.001 µF cap for treble bleed circuit, typically used on Fender® style guitars to maintain treble balance when volume control is turned down.

Ceramic $0.60
Orange Drop $1.80
Mallory $2.00


Vintage Cloth Covered Stranded Wire

Stranded copper, pre-tinned for faster, easier soldering. Available in black or white.
Sold in one foot increments. Please specify number of feet when ordering.




Vintage Braided Shield Stranded Wire

Sold in one foot increments. Please specify number of feet when ordering.



Mogami 2330 Audio Low Noise Shielded Wire

Reduce unwanted noise in guitar amplifier and guitar control wiring with this premium shielded single conductor audio copper wire.
Sold in one foot increments. Please specify number of feet when ordering.



Switchcraft 1/4'' Output Jack

Dress nut and washer included.

Nickel $3.30
Gold $3.90