Seymour Duncan Antiquity Neck (Rhythm) Pickup for Tele model 11024-21

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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity Neck (Rhythm) Pickup for Tele® model 11024-21

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    This Antiquity neck pickup for Telecaster® guitars is wound as a full-sounding rhythm pickup. It comes with an aged, deep drawn cover for vintage looks and added coil protection. The neck pickup comes with schematic and mounting screws. Each pickup re-creates the look and sound of an aged early '50s pickup. The pickup comes complete with screws, schematics and vintage "push back" cloth braid hookup wire.

    Antiquity for Tele®Neck
    Top pickup lengthSee cover
    Top pickup widthSee cover
    Bottom pickup length3.150
    Bottom pickup width.780
    Total pickup height.670
    Total magnet height.625
    Winding directionTop going
    Magnet polarityNorth
    Pickup cover length2.565
    Pickup cover width.585
    Pickup cover height.570
    Height adjustmentScrewed into body cavity
    Magnet PatternFlush with top and bottom
    DC Ohms7.6K
    Inductance2.13 henries