Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 Soapbar, Cream

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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 "Soapbar," Cream

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    Imagine the pickups out of an old '52 gold top or a '59 ES-330. By removing the cover of the Antiquity P-90 Soapbar you'll find the same hand-fabricated bobbins, wire and "flatback" tape that was used in the originals. Two specially calibrated Dun-Aged Alnico II magnets are attached to a precision metal spacer which transfers the magnetic field to the strings via six fillister head pole pieces. Authoritative, vintage tone.

    Soapbar version
    top pickup length: 3.158 3.158
    top pickup width: 1.205 1.205
    bottom plate length: 3.30 3.30
    bottom plate width: 1.295 1.295
    total pickup height: .640 .640
    total magnet height: .125 .125
    winding direction: top coming top coming
    pickup cover length: 3.365 3.365
    pickup cover width: 1.365 1.365
    pickup cover height: .360 .360
    magnet polarity: south south
    center to center: n/a n/a
    calibrated yes yes
    height adjustment: mounted to body mounted to body
    magnet pattern: 2 bar magnets 2 bar magnets
    DC Ohms: 8.10K 8.52K
    Inductance: 6.85 henries 7.41 henries
    Q: 2.84 2.84