Seymour Duncan Antiquity II '60s Surf  for Strat

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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity II '60s "Surf" for Strat®

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    Don't let the name fool you: the '60s Surfer pickup would be equally comfortable in the smoky clubs of Chicago's West Side as hanging ten at the Malibu Pier. The Antiquity II Surfer is hailed by many as the ultimate pickup for vintage Strat® chime and quack. Whether you play Blues, West Side Soul, Surf, or Jangle Pop, the Surfer has the sweet highs and percussive lows to give you and your Strat® a Free Ride on the Way Back Machine without sacrificing output or versatility. Specialty Guitars offers the Custom Bridge version for those players needing more output from the bridge position.

    Antiquity II for Strat® Custom BridgeSurfer
    top pickup length: 2.642 2.642
    top pickup width: .615 .615
    bottom pickup length: 3.392 3.392
    bottom pickup width: .908 .908
    total pickup height: .582 .582
    total magnet height: .705 .705
    winding direction: top going top going
    magnet polarity: south south
    calibrated yes yes
    pickup cover length: 2.750 2.750
    pickup cover width: .700 .700
    pickup cover height: .495 .495
    height adjustment 6/32 oval head, phillips 6/32 oval head, phillips
    magnet pattern: staggered & raised above flatwork staggered & raised above flatwork
    DC Ohms:  9.7K 6.3K
    Inductance 4.08 henries 2.87 henries
    Q: 2.52 2.39