Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Neck (Rhythm) Pickup for Tele model 11024-32

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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Neck (Rhythm) Pickup for Tele® model 11024-32

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    Back in the mid '60s, Fender was only making Tele®s with rosewood fingerboards. Seymour Duncan kept asking Bill Carson to make an all-maple slab board neck. These pickups are pretty much the same ones that he wound for that guitar — one of his all-time favorite Tele®s. He kept the tone and look faithful, but these pickups are wax potted to reduce unwanted feedback when using high powered amps and effects.

    Antiquity II for Tele®NeckBridge
    top pickup length: 2.565" 2.870"
    top pickup width: .585" .770 "
    bottom pickup length: 3.150" 2.885"
    bottom pickup width: .780" 1.510"
    total pickup height: .670" .678"
    total magnet height: .625" .625"
    winding direction: top going top coming
    magnet polarity: north south
    calibrated no yes
    pickup cover length: 2.565" none
    pickup cover width: .585" none
    pickup cover height: .570" none
    height adjustment: screwed into body cavity 6/32 round head, slotted
    magnet pattern: flush top, raised bottom staggered & raised above flatwork
    DC Ohms: 7.6K 6.4K
    Inductance: 2.13 henries 2.1 henries
    Q : 1.80 2.05