Sperzel Chrome Plated Trim Lock Tuners, 6 in Line

    Sperzel Chrome Plated Trim Lock Tuners, 6 in Line

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    These shiny chrome-plated 6 in line tuners offer Sperzel's high quality in a solid locking tuner. The rear thumb wheel tightens down to hold the string in place with only 1/4 - 1/2 wrap of the string around the post, thereby eliminating many of the tuning problems that originate at the headstock. The tuners are precision-machined from solid billet aluminum, making them light weight but solid.

    The pin-mount installation doesn't require the use of screws, and the packaging includes a convenient template for correct positioning of the holes for the pins.

    Made in USA.

    The 6 in line tuners are height-staggered, allowing the removal of the string trees. Sperzel's height-staggered tuners are suitable for guitars with flat headstocks; on tilt-back headstocks, Sperzel recommends posts of all one height.

    The height-staggered posts are installed starting with the short posts on the high E and B strings, the medium posts on the G and D strings, and the long posts on the A and low E strings.

    For 9/16" - 11/16" thick pegheads. Sperzel Trim Lok tuners require 10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes. 12:1 gear ratio. All Sperzel tuners sold in sets of 6.

    Sperzel tuners are reversible, allowing easy conversion to left-handed or custom configurations.