Sperzel Gold Plated Trim Lock Tuners, 6 in Line

    Sperzel Gold Plated Trim Lock Tuners, 6 in Line

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    These shiny gold-plated 6 in line tuners feature Sperzel's locking rear thumb wheel that holds the string firmly in place and keeps your guitar in tune. Sperzel's design means that only a 1/4 to 1/2 wrap of the string around the post is needed, so your strings don't seat as you play or bend strings. Solid billet aluminum machining keeps the tuners light weight.

    Sperzel tuners are pin-mounted, eliminating the need for screws. The packaging includes a convenient template for correct positioning of the holes for the pins.

    Made in USA.

    The 6 in line tuners are height-staggered, allowing the removal of the string trees. Sperzel's height-staggered tuners are suitable for guitars with flat headstocks; on tilt-back headstocks, Sperzel recommends posts of all one height.

    The height-staggered posts are installed starting with the short posts on the high E and B strings, the medium posts on the G and D strings, and the long posts on the A and low E strings.

    For 9/16" - 11/16" thick pegheads. Sperzel Trim Lok tuners require 10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes. 12:1 gear ratio. All Sperzel tuners sold in sets of 6.

    Sperzel tuners are reversible, allowing easy conversion to left-handed or custom configurations.