Music City Bridge Three String Tree

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    Music City Bridge Three String Tree

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    The Three String Tree by Music City Bridge offers an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the buzzy G string on guitars with 6-in-line headstocks.

    If you've ever wished that your Fender-style guitar had a better break angle for the G string but didn't want to drill an additional hole in your headstock to add a second string tree, the Music City Bridge Three String Tree is for you. The Three String Tree uses the existing screw hole from your original string tree so there is no need to modify your headstock. It functions like a normal string tree but has an extra wing that reaches over to grab the G string, giving it just the right amount of downward pull. The Three String Tree comes with three heights of Fender-style nylon risers to allow you to fine tune it to any break angle you desire.

    Customer Feedback

    “It’s brilliant... Why didn’t they make this in 1963?” - Kenny Vaughan