Callaham Mexican II Tremolo Block, Right Hand

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    Mexican II Enhanced Tremolo Block, Right Hand New!

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    This trem block replaces the stock zinc block in the 2019 and later Fender Player MIM Strat and Fender Vintera Modified Strat.

    These guitars were shipped with one of two different bridges, so before purchasing this block you must examine the bottom of your existing tremolo block to determine which bridge you have.

    If your block has three distinct ejector circles on the bottom and is stamped in one of the circles with a number 1 or 2 (see below), you have a made in Mexico 2 pivot bridge, and this Mexican II block is the correct replacement block.

    Tremolo block with 3 ejector circles and stamped with a number 2

    If your block is stamped on the bottom with PW29 (see below), you have a made in China Ping bridge and this block will not fit your guitar. You should instead buy the Mexican Standard Enhanced Block.

    Tremolo block stamped with PW29

    Any 3/16" diameter 10-32 English thread tremolo arm will work, but we recommend the Callaham virtual pop-in arm for Callaham blocks.