Callaham American Standard Bridge Assembly for Telecaster, Enhanced Saddles

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    Callaham American Standard Bridge Assembly for Telecaster®, Enhanced Saddles

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    This is a direct replacement for American Standard (American Series) guitars for those players wanting a vintage 3 saddle bridge sound. The bridge plate has a lower, cleaner profile than the stock plate allowing for better muting. The steel plate will dramatically increase sustain, volume, response time and string balance of an American Standard guitar compared to the stock brass plate. String holes have a full radius edge like the stock plate. The change is as significant as changing your pickups. Please remember that American Standard and Vintage plates are not interchangeable.

    Bridge includes:

    • Callaham cold rolled steel nickel plated bridge plate
    • 3 Callaham Vintage Enhanced Brass or Stainless Steel Compensated Saddles
    • Stainless steel mounting screws and springs included
    • Height adjust allen wrench
    • High luster finish