Callaham Vintage Tele Bridge Specialized for Bigsby

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    Callaham Vintage Tele® Bridge Specialized for Bigsby

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    Callaham Guitars has modified their superior quality vintage Tele® bridge to make it suitable for use with the Bigsby tremolo system. The rear lip of the bridge is scooped to accommodate Bigsbys, and the enhanced saddles are notched to maintain the 2-1/8" string spacing of the Telecaster. The intonation screws are also slotted on their tips to allow for easy installation adjustment. The Callaham Tele® bridge for Bigsby includes:

    • Callaham steel bridge plate in low luster nickel finish
    • 3 Callaham Vintage Enhanced Brass Compensated Saddles, specialized for Bigsby, notched to maintain string spacing
    • Stainless steel mounting screws and springs included
    • Height adjust allen wrench