Callaham Vintage S-Model Bridge Assembly for Stratocaster with Brass Block

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    Callaham Vintage S-Model Strat® Bridge Assembly, Right Hand with Brass Block - Specialty Guitars Exclusive

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    The finest nickel vintage style bridge available today.

    • Specialty Guitars Exclusive - Callaham enhanced brass vintage block
    • Choice of 64, Gilmour or Fender-length virtual pop-in stainless steel tremolo arm with mint green or parchment white tip (left hand only available with 64 arm)
    • Vintage styled top plate
    • Expert nickel plating
    • 6 Callaham stamped steel "CG" saddles with springs
    • Stainless steel intonation and height adjustment screws
    • 6 Callaham hardened steel bridge plate mounting screws
    • 5 springs, claw with 2 stainless steel screws
    • allen wrench
    • 2-7/32" string spacing

    Guitars this bridge fits

    This bridge fits guitars with 2-7/32" string spacing, 6 point mounting and vintage-style routing. These include:

    • Fender Stratocasters made from 1954 to 1969
    • American made Reissue Strats (57, 62, etc)
    • Highway 1 Strats up to and including 2005
    • Custom Shop Relics
    • Jimmy Vaughan Strats
    • Eric Johnson Strat
    • Made in Mexico Classic 50s, 60s and 70s
    • Made in Mexico Roadworn Strat
    • Made in Mexico Gold Plated Deluxe with 6 point bridge and 2-7/32" string spacing