"The Savvy" Compensated Wraparound Bridge by Music City Bridge

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    "The Savvy" Compensated Wraparound Bridge by Music City Bridge

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    The Savvy wraparound bridge uses a custom-designed alloy for improved tone and sustain and is designed to get the intonation line, string spacing, and sound just right based on input from dozens of Nashville studio guitar players.
    The Savvy is an intonated wraparound bridge to be used as a direct replacement for most wraptail guitars. Adjustment wrench included.

    The Savvy Bridges features:

    • Compensated top for accurate intonation.
    • Offset string holes that allow strings to correctly line up over pickup poles and fretboard.
    • Clean break-angle to do away with “sitaring”.
    • Custom alloy for improved sustain.

    Use the guide below to select the correct Music City Bridge for your needs. Please send a photo of your bridge prior to purchase if you have a Custom Shop Reissue.

    Music City Bridge 'Stud Finder' for Severe Offset Studs

    1953 - 1960
    With Severe Offset

    Use "Stud Finder"

    Music City Bridge 'The Savvy' for Slightly Offset Studs

    1961 - Today
    With Slight Offset

    Use "The Savvy"

    Music City Bridge 'The Savvy' for Parallel Studs

    Parallel Studs

    Use "The Savvy"